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Rob Martz Principal Consultant

Rob Martz

Rob has been a change agent for many manufacturing operations.  He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh; Certified in Nuclear Operations by Naval Reactors Board; Certififed Industrial Waste Water Operator;  Certified Site Continuous Improvement Leader by GKN.  Rob has sought out challenging roles throughout his career.  He has succeeded in building winning teams in Brazil, Poland, U.K., Germany, Italy, and in the USA.

Rob has worked with large corporations such as Dover, GKN, General Dynamics, and Cooper Power.  He has also worked with private equity and privately owned enterprises.

Rob has presented and reported to Boards of Directors, CEO's, COO's, and VP's.  He builds trust with executives as well as with shop floor team members.  He displays strong integrity in all situations. 

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