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Case Study

Water Grows Business

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A privately held company struggled with projects valued over 50% of existing annual revenue.  Projects brought in revenue but were break even.  Rob introduced the team to project management tools that eliminated late penalty and overtime costs and improved project costing.

Future projects were managed from order receipt through validation testing & delivery.  Long lead items were purchased in advance following a letter of intent.  Schedules were developed from design to purchase order, to fabrication.  Profit on the projects improved by avoiding expedited delivery fees, building right first time, and fabrication OT reduction.

The receiving inspection program was improved by reducing the footprint and introducing improved inspection tools.  Part kitting was implemented by skid to eliminate searching for items during assemble.  The weld shop saw was upgraded to improve cut quality and eliminate rework of cuts.

The Problem

Large project had low margins

Revenue Growth was a target

Our Solutions

Project Management improved project margin and on time delivery.

More project work built on the sucess of earlier projects, and the company grew revenue over 300% over 4 years.

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