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Case Study

Going Critical

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Building a ship requires close coordination across many trades.  Rob demonstrated the ablilty to pull trade teams together to safely close gaps in schedules.  

During his tenure at the shipyard, he recognized the many hazards of working in heavy industry.  Rob's passion for safety as first priority was  forged as he led a clean up project following a terrible incident.  He found ways to recognize team members demonstating safe work practices and drove a zero tolerance for unsafe behaviors. 

Rob progressed from design to managing trades to Shift Test Engineer and qualified Nuclear with Naval Reactors.  Rob led precore testing, initial start ups of Naval reactors, and retrofit projects.  He led a power plant testing program.  He completed his shipbuilding career with no injuries on his watches and was always ahead of schedule.

The Problem

Shipyards are dangerous environments for people to work in

Trade work was not properly scheduled causing delays

Our Solutions

Safety must be a part of every day, from toolbox talks, to meetings. Carrots work much better than sticks to drive behavior changes.

Work schedules must be fllexible and knowledge of the processes is critical to schedule work effectively.

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