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Case Study

Machining Center of Excellence

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A private equity firm needed vast improvements from their machining plant to meet delivery targets.  Rob was tasked with leading the plant to become a Center of Excellence.

He started by driving safety to reach 100% compliance using PPE.  The team implemented behavior based audit and linked rewards to positive behaviors.   The team responded well and withing 30 days PPE was at 100%.  The next step was improving PPE by adding items such as cut resistant gloves to vendor managed inventory.

Turnover in the plant was very high. Rob worked closely with his team to develop an objective skill competency matrix coupled with a compensation plan to provide the team members with career development pathways.  The matrix was linked to 6S scores, kaizen activities, and soft skill training.  Six months following implementation turnover was reduced to under 5%.  Implementation included adding a Training Coordinator and full costs were recovered in 9 months, driven by reduced OT and recruiting cost reductions.

The plant started with paper charts and at 2 years evolved to digital daily management, OEE and Set Up time tracking across the plant.  Also Manufacturing Engineers were working closely with Supervisors and Team Leaders to drive improvements in all departments.  

The Problem

TRIR was far above target

Turnover was 97%

OTD was under 40%

Our Solutions

Behavior Based Safety and driving safety audits from all leaders drove TRIR below 1 in 12 months.

Object Skill Matrix stabilized workforce and served as a recruiting tool.

Delivery improved to 65% in 12 months, and reached 90% in 18 months.

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